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Most people stretch incorrectly which causes compensation, imbalances in the body and keeps them stuck. Some people are also limited by genetics while others are genetically gifted with radical extensions. Hypermobility brings issues of its own. It is not necessary to risk injury with incorrect or extreme stretches, there are safe ways to hit those flexibility goals! For over 30 years as a trusted, Master Flexibility Coach, Stacey Nemour has found that her gentle stretches done in succession can have remarkable results. See for yourself.... 


*The video above contains actual images from training sessions with Flexibility Expert, Stacey Nemour. Her method and order of exercises provide incredible results over and over again.

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"Hi Stacey!! I just wanted to email you to say thank you so much for sending me all the tips and tricks...I am finally seeing improvement but not just a little, a lot :) I am now about not even a CM away from the ground and my middle split flexiblity is improving so much... I am also working on my tilt...Thank you so much Stacey you are a brilliant teacher/coach!!" Chelsea

how to stretch

Don't wish for it... work for it!

Frustrated with your flexibility or lack of it?

Are you advanced but hitting a plateau?

Embarrassed because classmates are better?

Do you obsess over out-performing your competitors?

Whether you are a beginner or advanced Stacey's methods can take you to the next level. Learn to stretch the correct way in the right order. Learn how to maintain your body for peak performance and prevent injury. Stop taking advice from unqualified sources and maximize your results today. Available for USA and Worldwide. 

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flexibility for leaps

Ballet Dancer - Robbie Downey

Robbie has been working with Stacey for several years. She has placed 2nd and 3rd in Regional Youth America Grand Prix events. Robbie was a finalist for the 2015 Music Spotlight Awards and she has attended summer intensives at American Ballet Theatre NYC and Ellison Ballet NYC. Robbie trained year round in Ellison's elite Professional Training Program for 2015-2016 and is a graduate of the world renowned Master Ballet Academy. She was selected to compete at USA IBC 2018 and dances with Colorado Ballet Studio Company.

Stretching for dancers

Ballet Dancer - Mira Larsen

Mira placed top 12 in NYC Youth America Grand Prix Finals 2016. She received several offers from prestigious ballet schools and has elected to attend the Royal Ballet School in London. Mira was also a finalist in the coveted Music Spotlight Awards for 2015 and has also trained at San Francisco Ballet School. Stacey helped prepare Mira for competition and maximized her range of motion. 


Dancer - Maddy

 "Hi Stacey, It's Maddy's Mom. I am very proud of Maddy. When I was first told about you I was interested but a little hesitant because it is an investment. So I first purchased your video for Maddy and she and a friend used it and I was surprised by how detailed you went into everything. I can't tell you how much you have improved Maddy's flexibility. Her back has always been a bit flexible but she was never able to get over that last hump to push her back further. One session with you and she did. Her hip flexibility is by far her hardest and working with you is really opening her up. I don't regret it one bit!! Thank you so much!!! I have been singing your praises to anyone that will listen." — Shayla

stretching for gymnastics

Rythmic Gymnast - Elena

When Elena first started working with Stacey she had tightness in the common areas and was compensating. Elena now has beautiful lines, pain free and is ranking high in competitions.

Flexibility training is essential to performing at optimum levels, increasing ROM (Range of Motion), decreasing injuries, and keeping the body in balance.

Stacey is referred to by her athlete clients as their “Secret Weapon” because they find that, with her help, they are qualifying for National competitions, Olympics and more.

flexibility for skaters

"Hi, my name is Kindra Sophia Soto. I am a competitive figure skater from Long Beach, California, and a college student of Biola University. I have been figure skating for about fifteen years now. Throughout my figure skating career, flexibility has been one of my greatest weaknesses. Many people told me that I could never be flexible enough for my sport. However, within one flexibility session with Stacey Nemour, I realized that reaching my full athletic potential is possible. With Stacey's help and incredible knowledge of the human body, I learned that my body can stretch into positions that I only dreamed of holding before. Stacey helped me find freedom in being myself as a competitive athlete and performing artist. I hope that more people experience the beauty of exceeding their goals by working with Stacey."

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Libby - Competitive Dancer 

"Placed first in Junior Miss StarQuest & first overall Junior Solo! It was the best I've ever done with my solo!" - Libby

Congrats to Libby! She is one of the many members thriving in my Online Flexibility Intensive Training Course with over 50 modules. - Stacey Nemour

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advanced stretching

Competitive Dancer - Brenna 

Brenna and her family would travel over 8 hours from the bay area to receive Stacey’s one of a kind flexibility coaching in person. She also did Skype sessions to prepare for competitions. When the other team mates saw her insane improvement they did not want to be left in the dust and had to train with Stacey too!

 "Our family is excited to recommend Stacey Nemour as an outstanding Stretch Guru and Fitness related coach. She has worked with our competitive dancer daughter for the past couple of years. She has a great demeanor and incredible knowledge. With Stacey’s help that includes an incredibly positive attitude where she quickly learns the strengths and weaknesses of her students and is able to personalize her teaching techniques to offer them the best opportunities to advance – Brenna’s flexibility and technique have greatly improved. Our daughter has competed at dance for the past 6 years – and in the recent 2015-16 dance season she was able to place from 2nd to 7th place at the highest level in the tough Teen Category at Kids Artisic Revue, Rainbow, KAR Live, Hall of Fame, Starbound, Legacy and Nexstar Regional Dance Competitions in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our daughter owes a great deal of her success to her own excellent work ethic and the significant improvements that she made under the tutelage of Stacey." ---Dugan & Gina Babcock

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Are you overwhelmed and confused by all the information floating around on the Internet?! 

Are you afraid it could be misinformation or even dangerous? 

You should be! Get tips and training from an expert with 30+ years experience. 

Stacey's method and order of exercises are proven and address common road blocks and dangers of stretching incorrectly. 

Get free tips and find out how to get access to Stacey's private facebook group where you can ask questions and be a part of live Q and A sessions. 

Gain access to a complete course, with limited enrollment, that you can do consistently at home or in your studio until you reach your desired results. Get started on accomplishing your splits or breaking through your plateau.  

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More than 30 Years of Experience!

Stacey Nemour has 30 plus years of vast experience as professional flexibility expert, martial artist, action actress and healer. Stacey Nemour helps prepare accomplished synchronized swimmers, dancers, ice skaters and rhythmic gymnasts for competition. In addition she has worked with many famous pro-athletes & teams to non-athletic clients of all ages, she always get results noticeable from the 1st session on.

Stacey’s detailed approach is completely different from the conventional and generic lessons. She has developed advanced methods of training and has mastered the precise order in which stretches should be performed to ensure maximum results safely.

Stacey has worked with countless individuals by designing intensive flexibility programs tailored to each individual’s needs. She delivers outstanding results that speak for themselves. Over two decades of experience seeing what works and how bodies respond has positioned Stacey as one of the top experts in stretching and flexibility.

how to be flexible

Stacey Nemour with dancer, Robbie Downey. 

"I have always struggled with tight hips and tight quads among other things. I had to stay focused and consistent to get my middle splits. I am just not naturally flexible. I don't know where I would be with out Stacey. Dancing is just really hard on your body and learning Stacey's methods is key to keeping yourself in shape and free from injury. I always feel 200% better after I have had a session with her." Robbie

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flexibility for figure skaters

Kindra - Competitive Figure Skater

"I learned that my body can stretch into positions that I only dreamed of holding before. Stacey helped me find freedom in being myself as a competitive athlete and performing artist. "

stretching tips

Mackenzie - Dancer and Rhythmic Gymnast

"Stacey has helped our daughter take her ballet training to a whole different level. Not only has her flexibility increased, but Stacey has also assisted with strengthening, injury prevention, and pain relief in the Achilles and knee. We started working with Stacey to get our dancer back into the shape she had been as a competitive rhythmic gymnast. We continued to have Stacey work with her as puberty began to kick in. If it weren't for Stacey the changes she was going through would have decreased her flexibility and confidence in ballet class. Thanks to Stacey neither of those have been an issue like they are for most dancers. "

matilda academy for dance flexibility
matilda academy for dance flexibility

We found Stacey in the fall when my daughter (Matilda) was setting her training plan for the year. She's training in a pre-professional ballet program and has specific goals relating to her flexibility that she needed to achieve so she could audition for several elite summer programs. Her flexibility has improved dramatically since she started working with Stacey and she was admitted into every program that she put on her list in the fall. We are incredibly grateful for Stacey's talent, commitment and kindness. She was instrumental to Matilda's progress this year.



*Results will vary depending on each individual's body type and maximum range of motion that can be reached. Also, results may vary depending on the individual's commitment and consistency of practice. Effectiveness of Stacey's method results will vary from individual to individual.All photos of before and after are actual students of Stacey Nemour. We do not give indication, promises or guarantees to all students or website and social media visitors that they could reasonably expect for themselves identical (or equivalent) results to those portrayed in the "Before and After" photographs. Suitabilty, Effectiveness and flexibility results may and can vary from one individual to another. Always consult with your physician before starting any physical activity or intense master program. 


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Stacey Nemour is an Internationally recognized flexibility Master. Her system is used by ballerinas, dancers, figure skaters, cheerleaders, UFC champions, performers, gymnasts and pro-athletes of all sports. For over 25 years her unique approach consistently delivers results that speak for themselves. Stacey reveals her latest methods that were only reserved for private clients in over 52 modules. A professional development kit for increasing flexibility, range of motion and injury prevention

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